Sunday, March 02, 2008

February 29, Leap Year

I am really quite a lucky person as life goes. What are the odds of being born on February 29? Pretty rare, no doubt.

I seldom watch t.v. in the morning, but last week I decided to turn on Breakfast Television, and then went to check my email. Within 5 minutes of turning the t.v. on I heard them say that if your were born on February 29 they wanted you as an audience member as they are hosting a big birthday party. So I sent an email to them.

Lo and behold I received a response the next day and called my friend Beatriz to ask her to join me.

We arrived just before 6 a.m. and sat in the front row. There was one other person there who was "13" as well. The woman sitting next to me was "22" and the youngest "leaper" there was "2."

We had pancakes and sausage from Golden Griddle, coffee from Maxwell House,

a huge birthday cake from Longos that we all signed our names to, and lots of balloons.

There was an illusionist who levitated one of the younger leapers, and an astrologer who told Beatriz she'd get what she wanted and a cooking segment from Today's Parent magazine. There was also a deejay playing birthday music for us!

I was chosen to play a game "pin the crown on the frog prince" and although I didn't win the game I got a great consolation prize from Reebok. The other 13 year old won a laptop computer for choosing the shortest ribbon on the balloon.

It definitely was a party to remember, thanks BT .

I went from the studio to work where the kids seemed very excited about the fact I was on television, one even referring to me as "famous!" After work I went to my friend Andrew's house and prepared for the upcoming pyjama party. He was making food for the guests and left nothing for me to do. On the menu was beet soup, Caesar salad, vegetarian curry, rice, and a black bean and mushroom dish.

There were 2 cakes a black forest one from Andrew and a chocolate one from Richard and Sharon. Mmmmmm!

I got some beautiful flowers and gifts from my friends and returned home tired and happy.

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate, and a very special thanks to Andrew.

You Tube

I am a subscriber to some great You Tube video makers, but this is the cutest video ever.