Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Every morning when I first get up, I think I am okay to go to work. Then I start moving around, and it's obvious I'm not. I have been trying to make a quick meal for myself, and standing in the kitchen preparing it for 15 minutes always proves to be deadly. I can't remember the last hot meal I ate, as once I'm done making my food, I spend a good length of time trying to figure out how to sit down, or to relieve the pain. 

I went to the Dr. yesterday and practically begged for medication that helps with nerve pain. I finally got it. The last 2 visits I was told Tylenol would help. I was in so much pain that when they wanted to take my blood pressure and asked me to sit down, I couldn't. She told me she needed me to and when I tried I screamed out in pain and cried a little. 

Then she said, "Oh, it hurts that much? I guess that is why you were standing in the waiting room". 

The Dr. also sent me off for an x-ray, as now she thinks it's a herniated disc. That was a laugh! I had to ask the technician to unzip my boots, and I had worn skinny jeans that I had a hell of a time getting off! Try taking yours off without bending! Then I had to maneuver myself onto the table first on my back, then on the side, then on the other side. I came out of there shedding many tears. I feel like an old woman, no really, a very old woman.

I took one of the pills I was prescribed immediately at the pharmacy, and it kicked in once I got home after the x-ray. WOW! my head was swimming, my speech was slurry, I felt a little high. I just went to the couch, and to lie flat on my back! The very warm sensation on my back was very comforting. My fingers lost some of their sensitivity, and I felt lovely! But once I tied to move the pain was still there, so I decided to just stay on the couch, and not move, I had enough pain for the day. 

I slept well last night and am about to take another pill. I stood in the kitchen and washed a few dishes after breakfast, and I don't want to jinx it, but I had no pain!!

Fingers crossed everyone.