Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not much to report!

It's been almost 3 weeks since my new room mate moved in and all is going well. I was a little concerned that things may be difficult, but so far, so good.

Had a scare last week. My sister told me that my dad had been rushed to hospital fearing a heart attack. It was not however, and we are extremely greatful for that.

My brother and dad have been out fishing, and that is a good thing. Always glad to hear my dad is doing stuff, especially stuff he loves.

I have an appointment with the dr. on Monday to see if I am a good candidate for reduction surgery! Yeah, yeah, I hear you! But when you have too much it's just no fun. Guys love it, but I'd love to see them carrying them around, see how long they could handle things that limit their activities!! Anyway wish me luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Little else has happened in the past few weeks, hense my lack of writing! A new pope was elected, but I'm not into religion and politics. We had a few nice days this week, but today it hasn't stopped raining. So I guess it's a great day for doing the laundry!

I'm going out tonight for some drinks and dancing! I'm taking my new roomie to the Hard Rock's club 279. My friend works there and so we will have a blast!

I have been included in two meetings this week at work, and that was a good thing. All too often the people that count the most get left out, but I am happy to say that the principal at my school is pretty cool when it comes to things of this nature.

Well as you can see I have so little to write, that I am scraping the bottom here!

Next time there will be a better entry!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

A New Room Mate

It is strange how things work out.

I recently reaquainted myself with Marina, the daughter of my partner who died 8 years ago. I had found some photos of her dad, and wanted to pass them on to her. I found her through her aunt. Marina was delighted to get the pictures.

Since that time we have gone out a few times, for dinner, a movie, chatted online and spoke on the phone. Marina has just finished her 2nd year of university, and has been living on campus. She now wants to live in her own place, and when she told me this, I suggested she come and live with me for a few months while she looks for a place. She has accepted. I am so happy.

When her dad was still alive, Marina didn't really like me that much. I think perhaps she thought I was taking her father away from her. He was divorced from her mother, and had just ended a very bad relationship with another woman. Perhaps Marina didn't want to see her dad get hurt again and that is why she didn't get close to her dad's girlfriends. But we get on so well now. Granted we haven't really spent much time together, but I get the feeling that this was not a chance reunion, but destined to be.

I feel as though I have a new daughter, well not a daughter really, but a very special friend. I hope that this friendship grows to be full of laughter, enlightenment and good times.