Sunday, July 06, 2014

Canada Day celebration space

I knew that I wanted to make a Canada Day space, but I honestly have to say that I didn't have my heart in it. With the recent passing of my Dad, it's been hard to be motivated to do anything. Having said that, this is what I came up with. Next time it will be a little more fun with perhaps images of fireworks and multiculturalism, because that is what it's all about after all!

So for my next space, I was thinking I may make a memorial space for my Dad, but that may be difficult and sad, so I'm not sure yet.

Rest In Peace Dad

My Dad died on June 25th. Even though he has had Alzheimer's disease for many years, it was unexpected.

Two nights before he died I had a dream about my mother. In the dream she had Alzheimer's (in life she didn't), and I was trying to get through to her. I had taken her a bag of cookies, and was telling her that I loved her. When I woke up, first I thought that it was great that I had remembered my dream, as I seldom do. Then I thought that it was like my Mum and Dad were squished together as one. As soon as the word 'together' was in my mind, I was sure my Mum and Dad were together, that my Dad had died to be with my Mum. I ran to my phone that I always turn off at night, to see if there were any messages from home. There were not.

On the morning of his death, I turned my phone on at 7 am and saw many attempts that family members had made to contact me. He had passed away at 6 am.

My sister told me that her daughter Sophie had also had a dream, she and I are very similar in many ways. I truly believe that my Mum had come to let me know that my Dad was going to meet her.

The funeral is in a few weeks, so to keep me busy in the meantime, I made this memorial card for the guests at the funeral.
He was a quiet man, but with a good heart. My family will miss him dearly.