Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hallowe'en Party

It was a wonderful evening with about 17 people showing up to celebrate.

My guests were:
A belly dancer

A cowboy

A beatnik

A rock star

Jackie Kennedy

The grim reaper

Cruella DeVille

Dr. Ben Dover, Proctologist

A boy scout

A Hawaiin hula girl


An executioner

Two 80's girls

A Playboy bunny

A spider web covered girl

And of course myself. I was supposed to be a Black Widow Spider, but I looked more like a witch, with my long black dress.

I made some munchies too. There was meatballs, chicken nuggets, vegetable rolls, samosas, saudage rolls, cheese and onion puffs, mini quiche, veggies and dip, hummous and pita bread. Of course not forgetting the chips, pretzels and candy.

For dessert there were some lovely chinese mooncakes, and dough balls, banana bread and carrot cake.

I had put caution tape on the storage room door and put a cd player in there with monster noises coming from it. I made a giant spider and sat it in the sunroom with more caution tape on its doors too.

I made a mural a couple of nights before that I pinned to the wall, wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.

We played the mummy game: teams of 2 wrapping and unwrapping their partner. The winner of that was the cowboy and the hula girl.

Then we voted for our favourites.
The best costume went to Jackie Kennedy

The most original went to the belly dancer

The cutest went to the hula girl

And the creepiest went to Dracula.

Everyone went home with a Trick or Treat bag with goodies, and a great time was had by all.

I had rented Scary Movie 4, but we didn't have time to watch it. Good thing, because when I viewed it the next day, it sucked big time!