Sunday, July 29, 2007

Puns Galore

  • A grenade fell onto a kitchen floor in France , resulting in Linoleum Blownapart.
  • I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • Police were called to a daycare where a 3-year-old was resisting a rest.
  • Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
  • The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference.
  • To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
  • When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.
  • The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.
  • A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.
  • The thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement. He became a hardened criminal.
  • Thieves who steal corn from a garden could be charged with stalking.
  • We'll never run out of math teachers because they always multiply.
  • The math professor went crazy with the blackboard. He did a number on it.
  • The dead batteries were given out free of charge.
  • If you take a laptop computer for a run you could jog your memory.
  • A dentist and a manicurist fought tooth and nail.
  • What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway)
  • Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
  • A backward poet writes inverse.
  • A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.
  • If you don't pay your exorcist you can get repossessed.
  • With her marriage she got a new name and a dress.
  • Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft and I'll show you A-flat miner.
  • When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.
  • The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine was fully recovered.
  • He broke into song because he couldn't find the key.
  • A lot of money is tainted: 'Taint yours, and 'taint mine.
  • A boiled egg is hard to beat.
  • He had a photographic memory which was never developed.
  • A plateau is a high form of flattery.
  • Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.
  • When you've seen one shopping center you've seen a mall.
  • When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.
  • Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead to know basis.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Picnic by the Lake

I was invited by Sharon to her backyard for a picnic with other friends on Sunday afternoon. I made 2 pasta salad dishes as my contribution, then sat on the streetcar for the long and peaceful ride to Etobicoke.

I was first to arrive and met friends as the came in. We sat and talked and drank and later got into the food. There was potato salad, a shrimp and orzo salad, boiled eggs, olives, cold cuts, egg salad sandwiches, lettuce, carrots, and chicken fingers. For dessert there were strawberries and cherries along with a chocolate dip.

I went down to the beach just below Sharon's back yard and took a few photos. The geese were very friendly and came righ up to me for their pictures to be taken. I did get a little worried when the swans came up, but I was ready to run at a moments notice.

I found a park and took some great cityscape pictures of Toronto.

Later, Sharon told us of an amazing garden in the neighourhood, so we followed her to check it out. It was further than we knew, and when we got there, I was a little disappointed!

There was however, a public swimming pool nearby and I was distracted by the kids in the cool water. I discovered an area just off the pool that had a misting station. Of course I had to try it out. Thinking I would just get a little misting I walked through, but came out the other side totally drenched! I did it a second time for a photo opportunity! Only then did I remember that I had on white pants! It was so hot however, that I dried off pretty quickly. We returned back to Sharon's place, and I said my goodbyes and headed home.

Niagara Falls

I went to Niagara Falls on Thursday with my friend Beatriz. We have been together once before with Safeway Tours here in Toronto. The first time you go you pay $30 on the bus, and when you get to the casino they give you a $10 certificate. You have to get yourself a casino card and then you can cash in the certificate. So actually my first trip only cost $20.

For each following visit to Niagara Falls with Safeway Tours you pay $15 and get the $10 back. So it works out to $5 to go to Niagara Falls. How cheap is that?

It's great to get out of the city and it's actually cheaper that a subway trip anywhere in Toronto and back.

We arrived and ate lunch at Tim Horton's in the casino mall. Following that we went down to the falls and decided that we'd go on the Maid of the Mist. I've always been a little afraid to try it, but this time I had no trepidation. We were given blue rain ponchos to protect us from the spray. When we got closer, I put my hood on, only to discover that the thing had ripped and the hole was as big as my head. Hence, no head covering. I tried to take pictures, but it is hard when there is so much spray. Later I realized that I had a couple of drops of water on my lens so the pictures are a bit blurred.

We left the boat and went for a walk to get ice cream. The
Queen Victoria Park along the lake is quite beautiful and we strolled along enjoying the quiet and serenity. Last time we were there, there was a motorcycle event of some sort. Hundreds of bike rode by for at least 15 minutes. We couldn't get across the road! Today was quiet and calm. I saw a little squirrel and got him to come close enough to get his picture.
The sun was too hot, and we took refuge in the cool air conditioned
casino where I lost my $10 immediately! Beatriz however kept winning. She put in $5 and walked away with $15. The she play this big wheel thing, putting $2 down and walked away with $7. Imagine if she had bet big bucks!

The rain began to fall heavily as we sat having a tea before getting back on the bus. The journey home was about 2 hours due to some traffic, but a good day with a great friend was had.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I just got back from my trip to England and Spain. It was a welcomed break and spending 5 days in Spain was fabulous. Here is a fruit market in Barcelona. My sister bought some cherries here, while I ate a falafel. She later got some chicken from KFC of all places!! We spent our days sitting on the beach, our evenings walking around Salou discovering all the little shops and sites, and we spent one day in Barcelona. Our hotel was clean and the service was okay. The staff were friendly, although the guy on reception was a tiny bit sarcastic! But our bar tenders Shawn and Said made up for any shortfalls!! The chef needs a few lessons on taste though. The food was aweful, but I guess when you get a cheap holiday, something has to suffer! The beaches were sandy and clean, the water clear and cool. The weather was hot, hot, hot! I came upon this red umbrella that save my skin from further damage. The men still wear Speedo's in Salou, and the women ALL wear bikinis, even the morbidly obese ones! Can you believe that Prince William was holidaying at our hotel too? No? Well just look at this picture!! His brother Prince Harry was there too, but I wasn't able to capture him on film, but ask my sister, she'll tell you!!