Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas surprise!

So the plans were set, the lasagna made, and I was just waiting for my guests to arrive.

Thomas showed up around 12:30 and we both had some lunch before opening the gifts.  I had already given him loads of stuff to help set up his new apartment, you know the stuff like dish drainer, pot holders, bag clips, waste paper bins etc. and of course a big bag of groceries.  I also gave him a nice area rug for his living room.  So for Christmas day I gave him the new Canon lens for his DSLR camera, another rug for the kitchen (he has ceramic floors), a kettle, some long underwear, a t. shirt from the One of a Kind Show, a salt and pepper grinder, and a bunch of other things he needed.

He gave me a lap pad for my lap top, or to use when my table is covered in scrapbook stuff.  He had one of his photos printed and framed for me, that is absolutely beautiful.
He bought me a beautiful piece of art work he saw me admiring in a store.
I also got a tea infuser spoon, some English candy and chocolate, a huge 1lb bag of yarn and some silly gifts added to my stocking.
 It was a fun afternoon, and while I prepared the vegetables for roasting he took a little nap.  I was expecting Beatriz to arrive around 4:30, so I picked up the book I got from the library and started to read.

Just before Beatriz arrived, Thomas came to tell me that there had been a problem with Kay's flight from Korea.  She was supposed to arrive sometime at the beginning of January.  He said something about her not being able to get a visa for the connection in the USA.  I mentioned that the very same thing had happened to one of my couch surfers, then asked when she would be coming and he said that she had already arrived 4 days ago!  WOW, what a surprise.  Then I asked why she wasn't here for dinner and he told me she was on her way.  Then the panic set in.  I didn't have any gifts for her!.  Thomas kept saying it was okay, but I couldn't stand the thought of someone coming for Christmas and not having a gift to open.

I grabbed my one of my cards and wrote it to her, then I took a spare box of truffles and that would be my present.  A sad offering, but something anyway.

The buzzer went just as Thomas got a call from Kay saying she was in the neighbourhood.  I let Beatriz in and Thomas went to pick up Kay.  I was so happy that I had a houseful of guests for a wonderful Christmas Day celebration.

Beatriz gave me the hand blender I was wanting, it came with a whisk, a measuring cup and a chopper.
 I gave her a set of dishes, an iron and a mail and key holder to go beside her door.  She asked specifically for those.  I had also made a mini album with pictures of our trip to Cuba in.  And while I was visiting Thomas at the liquor store I thought it would be a great idea to get Beatriz a bottle of wine from her home, Argentina.

Kay gave me something that I had asked Thomas for.  She brought it from Korea.  It is a hand held pump and special plastic bags with a valve in, that can store food and the air can be pumped out for extra freshness.
I gave her the chocolate that she was very happy with.  I apologised for not having more for her.

Later I showed Beatriz, who is also a knitter, the huge bag of yarn Thomas had given me.  She asked me if I would start knitting again, and I told her I had already made somethings earlier in the week.  I went to get the some of the things, a neck warmer and a pair of fingerless gloves.  As I was showing them to her I realized that these would make a lovely gift for Kay.  So I offered them to her which she accepted graciously.

I set up the food buffet style in the kitchen so all could choose what they wanted.  There was spinach lasagna, made with gluten-free noodles, roasted vegetables, salad, dinner rolls, and cornbread.  Not your traditional Christmas dinner, but a wonderful meal all the same.  We had Beatriz's wine and cranberry juice.  We pulled crackers and laughed at the silly jokes and quotes in them, we even wore the silly gold and silver crowns.  After eating dinner I set out a variety of mini desserts and I had some gluten-free Christmas cake I found at the farmer's market.  It was a lovely meal, with some great company and some lively conversation.
 After dinner we relaxed in the living room and watched my favourite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. 

 This will go down as one of my favourite Christmases, mostly because of the company, the food, and the big surprise of meeting Kay again.