Saturday, July 03, 2010

Summer Break

It's been ages since I last added anything here.  I have been dealing with some personal issues that have more or less worked themselves out.  A positive attitude works wonders.
We hosted the G20 summit here in Toronto and it was a ridiculous display of events, from protesters, to riot police, to the holding cells, to the damage done to our city.  All costing the city a disgusting amount of money.  I kept hearing many of our citizens asking why they can't teleconference.  The savings would be phenomenal, the leaders would be safe, and they could focus on the business that needs to be discussed.
I hosted Jack Stafford who played at the Cameron House for the North by North East (NXNE).  He invited me out to watch the Stones in Exile movie and to catch a few music groups, one of which was from England dressed in Orange NASA-like suits.

So the last few weeks of school were wonderful.
  • Helping out with a grade 1/2 class on a trip to the beach, ending at a splashpad where I was greatful for the cool spray that came my way whilst observing the children. 

  • The Grade 6 children got to take a trip to Niagara Falls where they hiked and explored.  I wish I could have gone with them, but I was needed at the school.
  • Their graduation on Monday was a lovely event with awards and speeches.  I helped put together a wonderful slide show including pictures of the students from 2006 when they looked like innocent little angels! I was lucky enough to be invited to their graduation party in an aunt's beautiful back yard.  The kids had such a fantastic time being kids, having cupcake and whip cream fights, as well as dressing the part for the Under the Sea theme.

  • We also had the last day assembly where the teachers could congratulate students in some of their accomplishments.  At the end, just before the last bell we did the clapout for the graduates.  We line the hallway from the gym to the front of the school and clap as they walk out of the school for the last time as grade 6 students.  I always get teary eyed at this point.
  • The staff party this year was held in a co-worker's back yard.  She also hosted us the first week of school in her yard in September 2009.  There was her famous sangria, hamburgers, pizzas, veggie kabobs, and tons more.  I stayed only for a short while as I had an appointment with a Dr.  But from all accounts this was a wonderful party that went on well into the night.
  • The very next day was the last day of school for the staff.  No kids, just a morning filled with a meeting that covered many plans for next year.
And that was it.  School over for 2 months.

I don't have many plans for the summer.  Doing a bit of hosting during July for couch surfers and going to the Queen's Plate tomorrow, Sunday to watch the races, and possibly get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth.

I will also get some more scrapbook pages done, go to the gym, ride my bike, hang out with friends and read lots of books, (I finally renewed my library card!)

I am seeing my sports medicine doctor on the 19th and will hopefully get moving on surgery for my shoulder.  A large tear in my rotater cuff, so the scan said, but the MRI will give a more accurate idea.