Friday, June 30, 2006

The beginning of the summer

Finally yesterday was my last day of work for the next 2 months.  I was happy when I left the school eventhough it was raining very hard and I rode my bike through it all the way home.  In fact it was quite nice!

When I got home I noticed a police car outside the building and 2 officers in the lobby.  I almost asked if they were there for Kris, a tenant that I helped out a few months ago.  But I figured that they wouldn’t tell me as I wasn’t a relative, and it was none of my business.

Later that afternoon another tenant came to ask me if I knew where the karaoke machine was, (why, I have no idea).  After 15 minutes of complaining about the possibility that it had been stolen, she was about to get on the elevator, when she suddenly said, “Oh yeah, Kris is dead.”  I couldn’t believe it, and asked which Kris she meant, and yes it was the same Kris I was wondering about a few hours earlier.

That put a huge damper on my celebration of the beginning of my summer holiday.  I made a few phone calls and found out that it was true she had been found in her apartment, and had probably been there a few days.  Only 38, and a life gone.  I can only believe that she is no longer suffering the trials and tribulations she endured during her short life.  

A neighbour came to my door today to suggest we have our meeting room named for her.  That may take a bit of convincing, but it is a nice thought.

So begins my summer off.  Hopefully I will have many more up days than down days like this.