Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March

It has been a very long time since I put anything here, in fact a long time since I did much of anything.

I haven't been out socialising either, not sure why, but probably just because the weather had been cold and I'm a lover of warmer temperatures!

Anyway its the end of March already and I wanted to add a few words.

I finally made a new purchase last week and got myself a flat panel moniter for my computer. It is great, and I wonder why I didn't get one sooner. Money probably! Anyway it was a belated birthday present to myself.

It was a PD day at school yesterday so that the teachers could interview parents. I wasn't needed for any interviews, so I did photocopying and lamenating, and I also helped to set up the library for our upcoming Book Fair next week. I left school shortly after 1pm.

Next Friday will be the Easter Break so I get Friday off and also the following Monday, so that is 3 short weeks in a row. And March break was just a few weeks ago too. So it has been quite pleasant knowing that we have these occasionl breaks.

I dropped by the Canon Theatre yesterday to pick up a couple of tickets for We Will Rock You. I thought I'd take Beatriz for her birthday. I cheaped out though and I hope she doesn't mind. I bought the stools that were just $20 each. I will make up for it by buying dinner afterwards!

I also picked up 24 invitations for the St. Lawrence Market Customer Appreciation Night. They open after hours and have loads of samples of food for people. I organised an event last year with MeetIn Toronto, so I am doing it again this year. It's on April 12th.

Also I am hosting an Easter Brunch for the group. So far about 4 people have signed up. I will serve *easy* foods, like oven omlettes and hash browns with bagels and cream cheese.

And finally later on in April is Thomas' birthday. He'll be 25. Amazing when you think of it, I was 25 when I got pregnant with him! He hasn't given me his wish list of gifts yet. I was thinking of giving him some money towards his driving lessons.

So that is it for now, I need to get back to "Spring Cleaning"

Check back again soon.