Sunday, May 20, 2007

Only 6 months left to complete these goals

I was just checking to see how many things of my 101 things I have completed. The 1001 days end about December 5th this year, and I have only completed about half of them.

I was told to add things that seemed very unlikely and many of those things have still to be attempted. Of course the visits to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia on still on the list, but those will be there until I can afford to go. I still haven't made it to a film festival, or taken a vacation in the sun. I am hoping that this summer I can get to spain to spend a few days there.

I did get the facial and pedicure, and that was such a treat. I wish I could be doing that more often. I am hoping to complete one task that is very important. My great friend Katrina has been there for me when I am in England and even kept in touch with my dad after mum died. I need to take this woman out for dinner to show my appreciation. I didn't get back home last year, so that is a goal for July this year. As for the driving lessons, I don't really have a need to drive, as I live downtown and either take the local transportation, ride my bike or simply walk. It would be nice to have a license, so that I could rent a car and get away somewhere by myself or with a friend.

I still have 6 months to accomplish a few more things, but this has been an interesting process, since this list is in my brain and I am aware of how little I seem to get done.

So I will simply carry on.