Sunday, August 21, 2011

Queen of painting boo boos

  • The pole I was using with the roller snapped and I got paint on the floor.
  • The edger tool I was using hit a piece of stucco and jumped out of my hand and I got paint on the floor.
  • I ran out of primer and used what I thought was another primer, but it turned out to be oil based and I wrecked my good brush and a roller, because I don't have any mineral spirits.
  • I am allergic to the paint, so my eyes are swollen and itchy and I keep sneezing and wheezing.
  • 2 coats should have been enough, but it isn't and I still need to do a 3rd coat.
  • I ran out of painters tape and had to use masking tape.
  • As I was taking the tape off the wall after painting it took off chunks of paint with it.
  • Now I can't even do the baseboards because I don't have any tape or a brush, so that may not even get done.
  • I have a couchsurfer coming tomorrow sometime and my apartment is a disaster, and the bed she is supposed to sleep on is covered with junk.
  • I think I'm quitting for the day, just in case something else goes wrong!!
I have decided that if I ever need a room painted again, I'm going to hire someone!