Sunday, January 29, 2012


January has gone by so quickly, and I haven't made any posts this year yet.
I returned to work on January 9th with a cold, and I have held onto it up till now.  No fun!

I did make a few cards and gifts this month. Someone I thought was leaving my school, (who actually isn't) got this lovely owl card set, and someone who is definitely leaving, (she's retiring) got this set with 2 designs.

I decided to make a few bracelets and necklaces again. It has been such a long time since I've made any jewelry.  I used to make and sell a lot, but stopped for some reason or other.

Susy, a friend of mine invited me to her Divorce party, she was so happy that part of her life was over, she needed to celebrate.

A teacher at school invited Dr. Gurvinder Virk to fit us for orthotics. I was so happy as my old ones were a mess, and my knees were really hurting.  Not only did we get orthotics, but we got a choice of shoes and boots too!

I went with my friends Glenn and Greg to a Raptors game, and the team was not on their best form. They played the Portland Trail Blazers, and we lost. Aftyer that we went over to On The Rocks for a drink or two and sang karaoke.

I did take a few days off because I couldn't shake this cold. I even went for a chest x-ray to ensure I wasn't getting pneumonia like last year.

I tried Zumba at the gym, and liked it so much I have now taken 2 classes and will continue with it on a weekly basis.  I discovered Body Vibe over the winter break, and since it is a low impact workout, I love it.

I went to see The Iron Lady with my friend Vanessa, but wasn't really that impressed. I was impressed with the acting that Meryl Streep did, but the actual film didn't do much for me.

I continued the knitting  club at school and now have 6 girls and 1 boy involved. One of the girls finished a scarf that she made for he mom.

Other than that not much going on. I did hear from my cousin that my aunt wants to send me some birthday money, and my sister said that she would be sending me money from my dad, too.   Also a friend of mine that lives in Florida has invited me there for March break, so I may just use that money and go for a little sunshine!