Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to any and all mothers whether new, seasoned or about to be.
Mine started off with a potted plant that looks like daisies, (but it might be chrysanthemums!)
Then my son Thomas and I left to meet his girlfriend Kay at the subway station. We walked to Starving Artist a lovely restaurant that serves the most delicious brunches as well as lunch and dinner. They make waffles, either regular, potato or vegan gluten-free. So of course that makes me very happy. I was afraid there would be a long line up, but we were lucky and got seated with only about 10-15 minutes wait. Then we ordered and I had the Breakfast Benny, which is like eggs benedict but on mini waffles instead of an english muffin. Included with my breakfast was a great salad and the choice of baked beans, fruit salad or potato salad. I chose the fruit salad. I also had some avocado with my eggs as I am vegetarian, and didn't want the bacon. Kay had the Benny too, but potato waffles with salad and bacon and beans. Thomas had the Hitchhiker, 2 mini waffles, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, salad and fruit salad.
The food was so good, that I tucked right in and forgot to take the before picture! But here is my fruit and Thomas's mini waffles and Kay's beans! The food was so good. We all had different waffles but enjoyed what we had. I was so stuffed. Kay says she wants to learn to make these waffles, and Thomas was so full he had a hard time finishing his orange juice.
We had great seats by the window, I chose the seat looking outside. I had to take 5 photos to get these two smiling, Kay was either eating or Thomas was making faces!
Two of the waitresses were pregnant, celebrating their Mother's to be Day waiting on many other mothers.
Kay gave me some lovely Awake tea from Starbucks. She works there and is always bringing me tea. Yay for Kay!
Thanks Thomas for a lovely Mother's Day celebration.