Sunday, October 06, 2013

57 Things You May Not Know About Me

1.       I had a recurring dream as a child. I am walking along a cobbled street pushing a doll’s pram, when Cinderella’s coach glided by me.
2.       I was once bitten by a deer at Marineland. I was getting food to feed the deer, but they couldn’t wait and bit me on the bum!
3.       I am scared of heights. I have tried on a number of occasions to beat my fear, but have only managed to face it instead.
4.       I had a crush on Tom Selleck. That is why my son’s name is Thomas.
5.       I got a scholarship for my ECE from the Canadian Mothercraft Society. Many years later I discovered they didn’t actually hand out scholarships, so I believe someone paid out of their own pocket for my education.  
6.       I gave up my religion in 1997 after George died. I have a very difficult time believing in something that takes away someone who means so much.
7.       I am a vegetarian. I have been my whole life. When I was 4 and still not eating meat my mum announced that I was vegetarian.
8.       I have an allergy to beer. I drank beer for many years, and suddenly one day I had a bad reaction. I now carry an Epi-pen just in case.
9.       I went to a boarding school for 5 years. I loved being away from home. Kennylands Boarding School no longer exists.
10.   I love Hallowe’en because I can dress up. The last few years I have used the same costume, because I’ve been to a new school every year. I made an iPod costume.
11.   I was responsible for a girl almost drowning when I was 9. When I was young my mother used to pick fruit with other mothers on local farms. All the kids played together. I tied a rope to the girl’s waist and told her to walk across an open well. She fell and I pulled her up, and was lauded as a hero. I told her never to tell anyone what really happened.
12.   I don’t know my youngest sister as well as I should. My sister was 4 when I went to boarding school. I came home 5 years later and lived at home for another year or so then left for Canada.
13.   I started watching Coronation Street last year. I never watched it while I lived in England, I had no interest!
14.   I love watching Ellen DeGeneres. She is a fantastic comedienne and a wonderful person.
15.   I dyed my hair blond when I was 17 but only for a few weeks. After dying it I got it cut short, and when I went into work after the weekend, one of the guys asked who the “new” girl was!
16.   I left England when I was 18. I was offered a job as a nanny to 4 and 6 year old boys.
17.   My favourite singer is Bryan Ferry. He has such a sexy voice.
18.   I’ve been to a psychic three times, one gave me money back! At a fair, the psychic couldn’t read me and gave me my money back!
19.   I read all ingredients of food products I buy. So many food allergies, I have to make sure what goes into my mouth is okay!
20.   My son is a photographer. He finished his course this spring, and now is a freelance photographer.
21.   I don’t remember my dreams. It has been many years since I remembered a dream. They say I have them, but I don’t remember.
22.   I practice meditation. Every Saturday morning I go to a class, and I try to practice a little every day.
23.   I hate exercise. It seems that every time I exercise I have problems with back and knee pain.
24.   I have a gluten sensitivity. A few years ago I went to a naturopath who put me on an elimination diet. I discovered my body doesn’t do well with wheat.
25.   The best gift I got as a child was a doll house. I know it was second hand, because I had played with it at a friend’s house, but it didn’t matter. I loved playing with it.
26.   My mother was South African. She was born in Cape Town, and moved to England in 1950
27.   My father was a mechanic. He learned his skill in the army.
28.   I used to volunteer a lot. I have sat on many boards. I also ran a kids club every Friday night in my apartment complex for 6 years.
29.   The love of my life died in 1997. George died suddenly of meningitis after only 3 years together.
30.   I am passionate about my work with special needs children. Even though this work can sometime be dangerous with violent children, I love to see the little successes they make.
31.   I love themed parties. Some of my themed parties have been: I Can’t Believe You Wore That To My Party; Pyjama Party; Will You Do It For A Dollar; Hallowe’en. The last themed party I went to was last month, it was a 1960’s party, I went as a “Mod” with go-go boots and all.
32.   I hate New Years Eve celebrations. I don’t like seeing everyone kissing their loved ones at the stroke of midnight, it makes me miss mine.
33.   I was born on a leap day. Yes, February 29th.
34.   I wish I was taller. I am 5’ 1” and wish I could add 5 or 6 inches more.
35.   I have a brother and 2 sisters. My brother is 2 years older and my sisters are 5 and 7 years younger.
36.   I once flew on a trapeze. When I turned 48 I decided to prove I was still young by trying out circus school. Flying on the trapeze also gave me the opportunity to face my fear of heights. I screamed so loud when I eventually let go and fell to the net, they had to pry my fingers from the harness!
37.   I have flown in a jet, in a helicopter, in a glider, in a hang glider, in a hot air balloon, and in a small engine plane. Jet to and from England, helicopter over Niagara Falls, glider with a social network group, hang glider with friends, hot air balloon that was owned by a boyfriend I once had, and a small engine plane into Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
38.   I love to make cards and paper albums. You can check them out at
39.   I look younger than my years. I put it down to my English blood. Both my parents looked younger than their real ages.
40.   I’ve only had 14 real birthdays. Remember, I was a leap year baby.
41.   I don’t like camping. We camped a lot when I was a kid, we couldn’t afford to stay in hotels. I don’t think I’d ever choose to camp again, unless it is in a camper van.
42.   I once worked on a little cruise boat on the Rhine as a dishwasher. I was sent home after a week, as the others were concerned when the skipper had eyes for me, I was 16!
43.   I have had boudoir photos taken of me for my partner. These were a gift for Valentine’s Day. He loved them!
44.   I have been to Cuba 3 times. Twice with Thomas and once with a friend Beatriz. It is the cheapest All Inclusive destination there is.
45.   I will always help anyone being bullied. I was bullied as a child, and a few years ago I confronted one of the bullies, she had no recollection of it!
46.   I want to be in a relationship. I miss the intimacy and love of a relationship.
47.   I’ve never been married. I have been engaged twice though. Once to an Austrian and once to a Tennessean.
48.   My brother and sisters are grandparents, I am not. I guess I’m just too young!
49.   I don’t believe getting a degree from university will get you further than without one.
50.   I miss talking to my mum. We used to talk on the phone once a week, and write letters often. She was the person I could sort things out with.
51.   My dad has Alzheimer’s disease. He was diagnosed shortly after my mum died in 2004, we suspected it before then. He still lives alone in a 3 bedroom house with people coming in 3 times a day to make sure he’s had his meds and meals.
52.   I never liked fishing with my dad. I hated putting worms on the hook, the cold, the quiet. But it meant that I could spend time alone with him, that is why I did it.
53.   I came to Canada in 1974 as a nanny. I have never really looked back, Canada is my home now.
54.   I learned to ski and skate when I was 18. The first time I put on skates, I fell backwards and hit my head, and swore I’d never do that again, (hit my head, not skate). The first time I downhill skied I used cross-country skis because that is all they had!
55.   I love baseball and basketball. When I was 15 I was put on the girls’ basketball team, (remember I’m only 5’1” now, so imagine how short I was at 15). When I was 16 I was on the rounders team, (that is a game like baseball), I went to catch a high ball and didn’t see another girl running to catch it as well. I lost my 2 front teeth that day! Now I’m just a spectator, although I did get hit by a baseball a few years ago at a Blue Jays game!
56.   My life as a woman has been at risk on at least 2 occasions. As an English nanny, stories were always being swapped with other English nannies, about how we had to fend off the fathers of the children we cared for.
57.   I love my home and hope to retire in it in 8 years. A few years ago I moved to an apartment on the other side of the building I have lived in for the past 16 years. I love the cityscape view from my windows. I hope that I will be here for a very long time.