Sunday, February 05, 2006

Will Ya Do It For A Dollar?

My upcoming birthday party is taking up some of my time lately. I had to find a venue to celebrate it, and my original plans of using the Oasis Restaurant seemed smashed as I heard they are selling. But I called and was told that it changes hands on February 28, so I just moved the party to the earlier weekend. The date of the party is now February 25th.

The sending out all the invitations should be easy with email now in most people’s lives, but there are those who just don’t have a computer yet! So designing an invitation was further time spent. I don’t mind doing this as it just gets me more in the mood for the party.

Next I had to make the play money that we will be using on the night.

The theme of the party is:

“Will Ya Do It For A Dollar?”

So people arrive, put $10 in a pot, and receive $25 play money. The rest of the night they ask other guests to do stuff for them, or offer to do stuff for others. They can name their price.

What Can You Do For A Dollar?

Refresh my drink
Tell everyone at the party how wonderful I am
Rub my back
Admit to your spouse that you’ve finally decided to come OUT of the closet
Sing so we can ALL hear it
Bring me a snack
Make a prank phone call
Dance like a fool
Kiss my bare ass (this just might be more than a buck)
Give everyone a big hug
Do a shot. Or a Blowjob (the drink)
Share with us all your most embarrassing moment
Put your shirt on inside out
Give short ballroom dancing lessons
Foot & back massages,
And anything else you can think of that is wild and creative. Anything someone will pay for is fair game.

At midnight, those competitive & uninhibited souls who've collected substantial stashes have their money counted and the prize is awarded.

I am planning on taking a karaoke machine for people to sing a long to. The food is ordered and there is a waiter who will take drink orders.

So I still need to photocopy and cut out all the play money I have made. And make sure I get all the other invites mailed or handed out. I will also need to find friends to help me set up the room the day of the party.

Sounds like fun, right? I hope so. So drop by if you like!

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