Saturday, May 20, 2006

In the past month I have ...

Until I posted the previous post I didn’t realise that it has been over a month since the last one!

Some of the things that I have been doing in that time are:

got my bike fixed with new handle bars

tidied up my scraproom

went to a spa

played Bingo

visited a Buddhist Temple

        went to a Blue Jays baseball game

        hosted a scrapmeet

        went to Sweets Expo 2006

        tried to ignore Mother’s day

        was told to go to emergency for a stomach ache

        had a pedicure

        This weekend is a holiday here in Canada – Victoria Day. I have plans for Sunday to have brunch with a singles group and to go on a walk organised by the Royal Ontario Museum. Next week I will be going to see “The Lord of the Rings” at the Princess Of Wales Theatre. So there should be a few more posts this month!

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