Sunday, May 03, 2009


Well the new month begins much like the last month ended, I am still sick with something! It seems that I have not had a full week at school since just before March break due to not feeling right. Last week, even though I had a sore throat and runny nose, I did see the whole week through. But I am pretty sure, as I write this, I will be taking Monday off to try to get my body back to normal.

I went to the doctor and had a host of tests done, blood work, ECG, a carotid Doppler, and all is normal. I don't feel stressed and I don't have reasons to be either. Yesterday I woke up and scared myself when I looked in the mirror, as a blood vessel in my eye had broken. I checked online for causes, and it was either from sneezing, coughing or plugging my nose and blowing to fix my blocked ears! So now I will look freaky for about 2 weeks until it disappears.

I have been ridiculously tired for a few weeks now. I came home Friday after work instead of working out, and slept on the couch. Yesterday after taking a few kids from school to the Toronto Football Club, I came home and slept again. I'm sleeping during the night too, and I am still tired.

Up until this past week, I was eating very well, using my new Blendtec to make green smoothies and soups, as well as adding more fish and eggs to my diet. This past week though, I was just too tired and had a poor appetite. Having said that, I did have gluten-free pancakes and syrup this morning and then for lunch I had rice and Indian stir fried veggies. But I still feel shaky, as though I am hungry.

So what more should I do? I am sleeping, sort of eating properly and getting fresh air, and this morning, because I couldn't take it any more I took a pain killer to try to feel better.


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