Tuesday, August 03, 2010

But he was really great to look at!

I found a posting at an online dating site and the guy said he liked all forms of entertainment including football and baseball, so I shot off a quick message quoting the first two lines of the famous baseball song, "Take me out to the ballgame.."

He responded by instant messaging me and we chatted a little bit before he asked if we could continue 30 minutes later.  I agreed and he offered me his phone number.  When I called him later, I was instantly hit with the way he talked, very slow, almost depressed like. But I know I can't make assumptions so I continued the conversation. He said we should meet at Yonge Dundas Square for a coffee. I mentioned that there was actually no place in the square that serves coffee, but he felt I was wrong.

We were to meet outside the Eaton Centre entrance, and after some confusion as to which entrance he meant we found each other. He did look like his photo, in fact he was very good looking, I took an instant liking to him. We walked over to the square where he discovered there was no place to buy a coffee, so we went inside to Indigo Book Store and got a coffee there. He was a man of little words, I hate doing all the talking and on a first date I always feel that I have to keep the conversation going if the other person is shy, introverted or just not comfortable. I got a bit bored of hearing my own voice, then asked if he had ever gone to the roof top garden at City Hall. He hadn't so I suggested we walk over there and take a look. Once we got there and we walked around a little, he suggested we sit on a bench. I thought we'd talk some more, but he just wanted to sit with his face in the sun and not talk! It was more than I could bare, so after a while I told him of another place nearby that had an interesting story. We went to a courtyard that has sculptures of the garden of Eden. I told him the story, hoping to get some interest, but the conversation just stalled. I made an excuse about why I had to get home, and left him at the subway.

Later that night he called and asked me about the alley walks that I mention in my profile, and we decided we would choose one to explore.

A few days later he picked me up and we drove to the beginning of the walk we had chosen. As we walked I tried to encourage him to talk about himself, and it occurred to me that he mentioned more than once, that he would inherit a large sum of money on his mother's death. He told me of the bad blood between him and his brother, and perhaps more members of his family. He barely looked at all the amazing street art/graffiti that was along the way. We ended the walk and decided to have something to eat and drink at the Drake.  It occurred to me again that he talked with such sadness in his voice. I told him about the Music Gardens down by the lake, and he wanted to go and see them. We got in his car and drove towards them, but he couldn't find free parking, and didn't want to pay, so we didn't go. Instead he drove on my suggestion to Cherry Beach. He found a free parking spot, and we walked around the water's edge. He barely spoke a word, and again he suggested sitting on a bench, so we did. He sat in silence. I just didn't think this was what a date should be like, we should be sharing our thoughts, and stories about ourselves. After a while I again made an excuse as to why I needed to leave, and he drove me home. When I was about to get out of the car, he leaned over to kiss me, and I pulled away suddenly. He had a look of shock on his face. I said I wasn't ready for that and got out of the car.

He later called me and asked me if there was anything he had done. I admitted that there wasn't, but I just didn't feel like that towards him, and didn't think there was much chemistry between us. He sounded more deflated than ever, and we ended the conversation.

He called again later that week, and said he had told me he would take me to a baseball game, and wanted to make good on that promise. I told he didn't have to but he really wanted to. I agreed. (I also decided that I would leave the talking to him this time).  He picked me up on the day of the game, and told me he had bought $75 tickets. I told him it wasn't necessary to spend that much, as it was just as much fun in the cheap seats. Anyway the seats were amazing, behind home plate in the 100's level. The game began, and I just sat there waiting for any conversation he may decide to offer. There was none. It is the only game I have ever been to that I sat quietly. Anyone who has gone to a game with me knows I make LOTS of noise, and am out of my seat for much of the game. At about the 5th inning I decided to go get something to eat, and did not ask him if he wanted anything, (he hadn't asked me!). I spent quite some time wandering around, because I just wasn't having fun with him. I eventually went back to my seat, and at the top of the 8th inning he said we should leave as he didn't want to get caught with the onslaught of fans leaving at the end of the game. Fine by me.

Again when we got to my home, he wanted a kiss, and I reiterated that I didn't feel there was much we had in common, or that there were any sparks between us. So I said good bye, and that was the end of that!

He wasn't much of a conversationalist. He didn't have a lot to say. He said he prefers to listen. I like having guys listen, but when I'm not talking he's quiet, and I'm not very comfortable with too much quiet. He mentioned on many occasions that he was expecting a large inheritance, it appeared that he thought I was impressed with that. I gave this guy ample opportunity to show his best, and if this was it, I couldn't give any more.


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