Monday, December 26, 2011

Another wonderful Christmas celebration

It may not have been like the Christmas's I remember from England, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

Thomas decided that he wanted to cook a full traditional Christmas dinner, including  homemade cranberry sauce. So on Christmas Eve, he went out to find the perfect bird, whilst I went out to find the veggies.

Christmas morning we got up and opened presents. Thomas made homemade granola for me, using gluten-free oats. It's such a huge jar, I'll be enjoying it with my yogurt for a long time.

I also asked for a wireless mouse, and he gave me a mouse plus a keyboard. I love it, it makes things so much easier! Then I opened another gift, I guessed it right away, because he wrapped it in such an obvious way, it was a new frying pan. I was wanting one, as the old one got a bit beat up by some couchsurfers!  Then came a box full of lovely goodies. There is all kinds of gluten-free crackers, and two delicious cheeses, as well as some ginger beer and a wine cooler that is alcohol free, I think. Also included in there is the most giant Toblerone ever and a package of ginger and cinnamon buckwheat snacks from Shasha Co.
I gave Thomas a few things that he had asked for, including an H&M gift card for some clothes, a pair of camera gloves, (I bet you didn't know such a thing existed, did you?), some long and regular underwear, a rice cooker, (Because he wanted to take mine to college with him),  a card holder, so that his cards don't get bent in his pocket, and a slew of silly presents, like the  wooden plan and train that he has to build! 
We then ate a breakfast of waffles with blueberries, raspberries and bananas with real maple syrup and a cup of tea. Then we checked out/played with our new 'toys'. Later we just vegged out and listened to some Christmas music.
Later in the afternoon, my sister Lorna skyped me from England and we had a chat about how our day was going. She unfortunately is suffering from vertigo again, and hopes it will be gone by the time she has to fly to Egypt in early January. Then it was time for Thomas to start preparing the turkey. It was a comedy of errors, being his first time, but he managed. The look on his face when he removed the giblets and the neck of the turkey was priceless! Then when he was taking it out of the oven to baste it and add the potatoes he spilled so much of the turkey juices all over the oven, the floor and his jeans too. We cleaned that up and then, got on with the rest of the meal. Thomas made the cranberries using orange juice, cranberries and sugar. I cooked the vegetables, green beans, carrots, corn and some colourful small potatoes, purple, white and yellow. The gravy was heated in the microwave, as we were running out of space on the top of the stove. Then we put together a salad and I put out the bread and the desserts. 
By this time both Kay and Beatriz arrived. Kay had worked all day at Starbucks, and Beatriz had just returned from her friend's place in Whitby. 
We set up the food on the counter buffet style so that everyone could take as much as they liked. Thomas was a little unsure when it came to carving the bird, but he did a fine job.
 We all enjoyed a great meal. I made mine the day before, my favourite sweet potato vegetarian shepherd's pie. I added the other veggies to my plate as well as some salad. 
After a flavourful meal and decadent desserts, we all sat in the the livingroom to open further gifts. Kay got gift cards for H&M and for Deserres, an art store (she is an artist) some bath salts, a jewelry box, and a pair of 'Queen of Clean' rubber gloves. Thomas got a water bottle and a grey sweater, Beatriz got a gift card for clothes, and a nail polish dryer machine and a tea pot. I got more gluten free goodies, cookies this time and some money to go toward a trainer for the new year.
 I am grateful that I have people to share my holiday with and the joy they bring me.
So happy holidays to everyone and I wish you all a healthy and eventful New Year!

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