Saturday, July 23, 2005

Busy month

Well I left Canada on June 30 and arrived in England the following day to visit my family and friends. I spent the first part of my holiday battling the 'flu! But then the weather got better and so did I.

The plan was to go home to help my sisters out who have been keeping an eye on my dad since last year when my mum died suddenly. I spent the whole 10 days with him, despite the fact her has a dog and I have allergies! Thank goodness for antihistamines!

I did get to see a few friends and although we seldon see each other any more it amazes me how close we all are. I visited some old family friends and that made me miss my mum even more. I enjoyed the company of my cousin, my aunt, my sisters, my brother, and my nephews and nieces. I did have a few days out visiting local scenery, and those were the best days. I went to a wedding on very short notice, and it was lovely, along with the weather.

After 19 days I returned to Toronto and realised that I still had until the end of August to rest and relax. My son moved back home after 4 years away at university. That'll be a big change having him around again. But he tells me he plans to go away to somewhere in Asia to teach English as a second language.

I also got the go ahead for surgery that I am looking forward to. August 26 can't come along soon enough for me. However it means I won't be returning to work at the beginning of September, but after Thanksgiving in October.

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