Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dinner and a movie

Yesterday, Beatriz a friend of mine, invited me to a movie. We went to a wonderful restaurant for dinner first and ate salad , pizza and had a beer each. We then made our way to Famous Players theatre and chose the movie "The Wedding Crasher" because we wanted a laugh!
The movie was okay but not as funny as I had anticipated. My biggest complaint is how fast some of the actors talked. It's just not natural!
Another problem I had was with the movie theatre. All those commercials, it's just like sitting at home watching t.v.! And then of course they show so many trailers and they are so long and loud that you just get turned off. I hate having that loud, fast paced, in your face, explosive advertising thrown at me.
However, in the end I can't really complain, I did get a free movie with popcorn and a drink out of it!


SMITTY said...

is that speed dating thing you like doing really like it is in the movie "Hitch." I have never heard of anything like that.

not neat freak said...

Just like it, but unfortunately not with a man as cute as Will Smith!

JTapp said...

I think those are a really good idea, how about you?

JTapp said...

(i should clarify that last post) I'm happily engaged. I saw that movie and my fiancee and I thought it was a funny idea. I later thought about it, and thought it's a great idea to get a whole bunch of people's profiles really quickly for further follow-up. Was this your experience?

not neat freak said...

Well a lot of people think that there are way too many people and far too short a meeting time.

Usually there are an average of 25 people and timewise could be from 3 to 10 minuites, depending on the organizer running it. But as long as you keep in mind you are there just to basically introduce yourselves and get a feel for the person then these events can be a lot of fun. This isn't really a "date" but an opportunity to meet a bunch of people and perhaps meet them later for a real "date".

My first one was a learning process, I talked too long and didn't give the guy a chance to tell me anything. Hence the first one I got no matches, (when both you and the guy check off your names as a "yes"). The next time I went, I bought a bunch of carnations and broke off each bud, wrapped it in florists tape, and handed one to each guy. I got all the matches I wanted!

You have to do something memrable as these guys are meeting 25 woman and sometimes it's hard to remember what it was you liked about the person. I also take a paper and pencil and jot down their occupation, family status and something interesting they told me. It's fun to have a few intriguing questions, sometimes the organiser will give you a list of them. Something like, "what is your favourite place to vacation in the winter?" This gives you an idea of whether they like winter activities or if they prefer basking in the sun somewhere south.

I haven't done much dating recently, but this is a good opportunity to meet people, and as I always say, "a date is just an opportunity to widen your circle of friends".