Monday, April 17, 2006

No Easter celebration here!

I worked on the page for Ashley. I used folded iris paper to make a flower. I also made six thank you cards for Ronae’.

I called Dad and we had a long chat. He seemed very down talking about how if he hadn’t had his morning job he would have realised Mum was sick and he could have helped her. There isn’t much I can do from here, but I changed the topic and tried to lift his spirits as best I could.

I went for a two hour bike ride along the Don River and took a few pictures of interesting trees. On the way back I stopped at the Distillery District where I sat outside the café to drink a pot of tea. Everyone there was out with their families, which made me feel quite alone. Where are all the other single people?

I called Kate to find out what had happened when she gave her notice. She sounded much better, and it very glad that she made the decision to quit.

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