Monday, April 10, 2006

Woodbine Racetrack

Glenn organized an event through to Woodbine racetrack.

Mark another member of meetin gave me a ride to and from Woodbine.

There were about 12 - 15 of us, and some of us had never been to a race track before.

The weather was perfect with the sunshining and the a nice cool breeze to keep us from getting too hot.

There were 10 races, but we didn't stay for all the races. The last of us left after the 6th race.

Everyone of us who placed a bet, won at least once. I placed 6 bets and 3 of them paid out! Of course my bets were only $2, but hey a win is a win!

We went down to the paddocks to watch them get ready for their races. The horse in the pink was rearing up so I thought it would either do well becasue it was raring to go, or it would do really badly because it wanted to go its own way. Another man looking on down there told us he liked the green number 5 for one of the races. I had already placed my bet, but Glenn went up and bet on that horse. And wouldn't you know it, Green number 5 won, my horse number 2 came in 2nd and the pink one came in third!

We left after that race, all very happy with the day in the sun.

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