Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Brunch

Saturday was the preparation day. I went to the market and to the grocery store and bought the last minute items necessary for the meal. I also got to the clean up of the apartment and some food preparation. I made the croissants, put together the ingredients for the oven omlettes and prepared all the fruits and vegetables.

Sunday morning I put the omlettes in the oven and started to put the veggie and fruit platters together. At 11:15 the first guest arrived. In the end Thomas cooked the hash browns, bacon and sausages, while I got the rest of the food ready and greeted my guests.

There were 17 of us in all and we had a wonderful time eating and drinking and eating some more. We shared stories and information about ourselves, and generally had a fun time.

The menu had some additions that guests kindly brought along and I think by the end everyone was satisfied by the food.

We had:
· Ham, green pepper and cheese omlette
· Roasted red pepper and cheese omlette
· Asparagus and cheese omlette
· Hash browns
· Sausages
· Bacon
· Bagels
· Cream cheese
· Hot cross buns
· Croissants
· Preserves
· Dolmades
· Babaganosh
· Hummus
· Salad
· Veggie platter
· Fruit platter
· Muffins
· Cookies
· Candies
· Fruit juices
· Tea and coffee

My guests included:
· Howard
· Sharon
· Al
· Devashish
· John
· Nick
· Charles and his friend John
· Lynn
· Lynn
· Niki
· Mark
· Alex
· Beatriz
· Ildiko
· Thomas

Each guest was given a little treat left by the Easter Bunny.

Around 4 pm the guest stared to leave, and then Beatriz and I washed and dried the dishes. After she left I sat down with a cup of tea, feeling happy that it all turned out so well.

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