Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baseball Injury

Some time after taking this picture I was becoming a little bored with the game as we were doing so badly. I was there on a first date with a guy I met on plenty of fish. He had first row seats and I was happy about that!

I was happy until I saw the ball heading right for me. I covered my face and moved to the side figuring I was out of the balls way, but a man a few seats over stuck out his hand to catch it and deflected it towards me. OUCH it hit the side of my hand, and it really hurt. Then I had to go through all kinds of stuff just to get a bag of ice. They sent paramedics to ask me what meds I was taking and if I had any allergies. Then I was told to sign a paper. When I asked what I was signing, she said it was to show I had refused medical help. I told her that I hadn't refused help and perhaps next time she should mention that before telling people to sign!

Anyway I went home after and put ice on it for most of the night. Next morning it was still tender, but no swelling or bruising. The bruises showed up today though!!

As for the date, not sure I want to hang out with this guy again!!!!

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