Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Eve

My plans changed for New Year's Eve.  I was supposed to go to a house party with my friend Beatriz, but she wasn't feeling great because she had a bit of a cold.  So Vanessa and I decided that she would come to my home and we would un-celebrate the new year!  Neither one of us are in a relationship and we both hate the stroke of midnight when we have no one to kiss and hold close, so we would just watch videos and ignore welcoming in 2010.

We decided to watch "Love Actually" and when I tried to use the DVD player nothing happened.  Early this past year Rogers upgraded me to a digital box, and I figure they must have done something or else the dvd player is broken.  So I tried to come up with a solution, which turned out to be just fine.  We watched it on my laptop, but then I realizes that I could hook up my desk top monitor because it is bigger.  Doing that I also figured out that if i hooked up the speakers too, then the sound would improve.  It did and we were happy with the solution.

After the movie we watched the end of another movie on tv, and then I showed Vanessa a bunch of funny You Tube videos.  We had a great laugh!

Vanessa slept on my comfy couch and promised that she would go to the gym the following morning.  I had a hard time falling asleep for some reason, but I think it was about 5:30 am when I finally fell asleep.  Vanessa didn't manage to wake up in time for her class, so we just relaxed.  I made pancakes for breakfast with strawberries, blueberries, clementines and  apple sauce.  We drank tea and spent the whole day doing as little as possible.

What a wonderful way to start off 2010.

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