Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Victoria Day Breakfast.

I woke up yesterday and decided I should have a good breakfast to celebrate Victoria Day.  Here in Canada most of us refer to this as the May two four weekend.  No one really understands why we call it Victoria Day, well we know it is supposed to be Queen Victoria's birthday, but why??  We just enjoy the day off and watch fireworks.  So now I will start a new tradition and make myself a big breakfast instead of the usual green smoothie variety.

Here I have scrambled eggs with a little onion added in, cucumber, tomatoes and a gluten-free bagel.  That bagel looks good right?  It was and I appreciate the fact that I finally found some at the grocery store.  However, $7 for 5 bagels is a sin!

Here is the mug of tea I finished off my breakfast with.  I seldom drink black tea anymore, since I only really drink it with milk and I'm trying not to drink cows milk now.  Once in a while I buy a 250ml container of skim milk just so that I can have a cup of tea.  It just doesn't taste the same with Almond milk.

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