Thursday, June 09, 2011

Art Auction

The children in my classroom are 6 and 7 year olds, who made this amazing quilt for out silent auction on Thursday June 17.  We are hoping to get a good chunk of money to support the programs that the school's budget no longer includes.  Programs like field trips, visiting artists, authors, scientists, and other wonderful creative activities.
The unit we have been working on is 'Good Stewardship'
First the children engraved a styrofoam piece with a pencil making images of ways to care for our environment.  It was then inked and put it on a canvas.  I took all the pieces, and sewed them together, adding a border.  On the border the students added words that match their images.  Each child sewed and tied a simple knot between each panel.

This quilt is to be auctioned off on Thursday, so if you are interested in bidding for this beautiful piece, drop by Bruce Public School, after 5:30p.m. at 51 Larchmount Ave in the east end of Toronto, near Queen and Leslie.

Fingers crossed we'll get a good bid.

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Warm n Wonderful said...

Just letting you know that we got a bid of $80 for this wonderful quilt.