Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation Time

Only a few days left of school.  I am getting excited about my trip home to England, partly because I am taking a friend there this time.  Visiting my home is nice, but I never really think of it as being a vacation.  This time though I know that I will feel differently.  I will be showing my friend around my home town that is full of history, as well as London.  We have also booked a 4 day trip to Spain, that had better be as good as all the problems I have had booking it!  Not only that, but in the process I discovered that my passport would have expired while I was away.  I am picking up the new one from the passport office on Wednesday, just a few days before I leave for England. 

So fingers crossed that all the problems have already happened, and I will have a fun and exciting vacation in England and Spain.

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