Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Shiny New Silver Valetta

I bought my first ebike 4 1/2 years ago, the "Smart Bike," but shortly after exchanged it for a bigger model, the "Austin."
 Over that time I have gone through 3 batteries and 2 chargers. I've had two brake repairs after they snapped, and another repair after someone tried to steal it. They broke the handlebar lock, the ignition, they tore wires out from under the bike, ripped the back tire and did whatever they could to get it out of the underground garage. They failed.

One day the lock from the helmet trunk broke and so it no longer locked and rattled every time I rode the bike.

So I decided that this year it was time for a new bike. I bought a silver Valetta and a new silver helmet too.
I have had to take the bike back a couple of times over the past couple of weeks, the steering column wasn't screwed in properly and the brakes failed at a stop light on a hill! Also it has a smaller battery and so the bike goes really slowly up hills and the pick up is a lot slower than the old bike. But overall I like the look of the bike and the price was perfect. Less than $1000. It is smaller in size too and can only carry one passenger. I did change the mirrors as the originals didn't work for me, I liked the ones on my old Austin.

After a week of the new bike, I decided to put the Austin on Craigslist, as there really isn't any space and I'd probably never use it again. I asked $500 as I wanted the money I paid for the new battery and charger at the end of last year. I initially paid almost $1400 for the bike, but with all the rattles and age, I figured no one would want to pay anywhere near that. I had made a mental decision that I would go down to $400 should anyone ask. The first offer I got was for $200, so I deleted that. The next was from a man who wanted to see the bike. He came over took it for a test ride around the garage. I told him about the history and he pulled out $500 cash and handed it to me! He didn't even try to barter.  I was shocked! But I took his money without a word.

So I got more than half the price of the Valetta back with the sale of that old rattling bike.

I do however, miss its pick up and hill climbing ability!!

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pixielicious.1 said...

I too just bought the Valetta, I also love the look, much nicer than most out there, although I do agree that the pick up is SLOW, and I also find the steering column a little loose..

Thankfully my husband knows how to fix these things himself so he's been checking the nuts to make sure they are secure about every few days, he even put thread locker on them to secure them..

This is my first E-bike, I use it to commute to work and home again, saves me the 1.5 hours it used to take me by public transit, it now only takes me 15 to 18 min to get to work depending on green/red lights.

I have had my Valetta for almost 3 weeks now, I get compliments on it constantly, just don't like getting cut off and yelled at on the road since we are not so used to having them here in Hamilton, I believe the man at MobilityUnlimited told me that I was the first from Hamilton to get one??

Anywho, good luck with it and enjoy =)