Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's day Thomas gave me a card that had some very sweet words in it. Included were a couple of coupons for the local movie theatre.

I had asked him to take a few pictures of me a couple of weeks ago, so for Mother's Day he suggested having the pictures taken. I was a little concerned as the forecast was not a great one, cloudy, rain, perhaps even snow. But Thomas thought it would be fine.

I wore something light, as I didn't want winter wear in the pictures. I also had sandals on. We went to St. James park, I took off my jacket and cardigan and Thomas started shooting.

First there was a man with a dog behind me, when I turned around it was Christoper's partner, Roy. I said hello and waited for him to move.

After a few shots by the tree, Thomas wanted some shots by the fountain. I sat and waited for direction, but there was another man with a dog. Thomas had to wait because he said the dog pooped, and the man not only picked up the poop, but he also wiped the dog's butt!! EW!

Then the rain started to fall. We ran over to take cover at a nearby condo. Then the hail came! We went home to dry off and wait out the rain.

We went out a short while later, and took some photos undercover at the Novotel Hotel. Then more hail. We finally went back to the condo near the Sculpture Gardens, where Thomas only managed to get a couple of shots before there was more hail.

We decided to call it quits.

Here are a few of the shots. The close ups of my face have been photo shopped to get rid of the bags under my eyes, so they don't really look exactly like me, however, that is the beauty of having a photographer in the family.

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