Sunday, April 07, 2013

And the weightloss is......

When I got up this morning, I was ready to weigh myself. I made sure it was at about the same time as the last time I weighed myself 30 days ago. I got on the scale and was truly not expecting much of a difference. Other that the fact that I haven't felt bloated in the last month, I don't really see much difference in my body. The waist of my jeans are not as tight, but I attributed that to the lack of bloating. I wish I had taken body measurements at the beginning, then I would see where it has made the most difference.

Anyway imagine my surprise when I saw that I had lost 8lbs.  I am elated. Lots of people doing this program lose 20lbs in the 30 days, but I am happy with the 8lbs. I have tried to lose weight for a couple of years, and just seem to add to it instead. So when I don't try to lose and load up on fats, I lose!

I am a short 57 year old woman standing at 5'1", and at the beginning of this journey I weighed 149lbs. This morning I weighed 141lbs. I had to weigh myself twice this morning, because I couldn't believe it!!

Next steps? Well I did have one Godiva chocolate this morning, then tried another cheap chocolate, that I ended up spitting out. I was thinking I will make a pizza tonight for dinner, and haven't decided on that yet.  I had skim milk in my tea this morning, (it was so good!). The fact that I have had this weight loss, makes me think I should do another 30 days. I want to get to 130lbs, so that is 11lbs more. Perhaps if I workout more often I can attain that in the 30 day period.

I will add a few things into my diet, like aduki beans, and perhaps more protein powder. I need to try to bring coconut oil back into the diet. I had to stop it as it was making me very uncomfortable. I won't be posting photos any more, if you followed me, you saw that toward the end, I kept forgetting!

So that is it. I will post now and then about any special news or progress about the program.

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