Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back to School

Well my first week back at school, and it went really well.

Having spent the last 3 months at home it was a relief to get back to work. The usual 2 months off during the summer was great, but then with the sudden surgery date, and I ended up having another 4 weeks off. So eventhough I am not quite fully healed I just had to get back into the swing of things in the classroom.

I am working with 3 classrooms and love them all. I am divided up between 2 kindergarten classrooms during the morning and a grade 2/3 for the afternoons. I am in contact with 4 children with autism thoroughout the day, as well as about 7 or so behavio0ural kids. I realised yesterday that I can't do the physical stuff I used just now, as I got hit and one of my scars opened up and started to bleed a little. So I will have to leave that stuff up to the Educational Assistant for now.

Beatriz and I will be checking out a movie today. She has been waiting to see "40 Year Old Virgin" as I haven't been able to laugh without hurting, so we will be able to have a good laugh today.

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