Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunday March 25, 2006

I set up an event with MeetIn Toronto to go for breakfast and then to Allan Garden's Conservatory to take pictures of the flowers. I had enjoyed my trek there so much during March Break, I thought others would benefit from the amazing environment too.

I had booked for 12 people to meet for breakfast at
Frans Restaurant, but because I was at another event the night before word got around and many more people showed up! 17 in fact. So we ordered our breakfast, eventhough it was already passed midday, which ranged from pancakes, eggs, steak, and even ice cream! We had been separated into 3 tables, so we didn't all get to meet each other, but that was no problem.

We left the restaurant and walked east along Carlton to Jarvis and came upon the
greenhouse. The majority of the group had never been there before so they were quite shocked at how warm it was inside. But we soon acclimatized!

We spent a good deal of time walking around in awe, and snapping pictures. We congregated outside and since it was such a beautiful day we decided to take a walk to the
Toronto Necropolis Cemetery near Riverdale Farm.

As we walked we got a chance to meet people we hadn't talked to yet. They were a very interesting bunch of people. I bumped into my son's friend
Jason on the way and said a very quick hello.

After walking around the cemetery we went and had a peek at the
Farm. Then as were enjoying each others company so much we decided to take the bridge over the Don Valley Parkway. On the other side we walked up the hill and then realised that we were thirsty and needed to find a place for a coffee. We walked along side Withrow Park and made our way to Dimitri's Desserts where coffee, tea and desserts were ordered. I shared a "Split Personality" with Andy as it was way too much for him to eat alone!!

It was a most pleasant day of adventures that I hope we can do again.

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