Sunday, August 27, 2006

Come hang out at my place.

On Friday the weather looked miserable, and that was the forecast for the whole weekend. I wanted to get together with friends but didn't want to go out in the rain. So I decided to have a last minute party on Saturday.

I posted the event on here in Toronto, and asked people if they wanted to hang out. I would preovide the apartment and pizza and they could bring the beer, or whatever they drank.

I also sent an email to a few friends who weren't on the MeetIn site. When Keitha got hers she sent me an email saying 'thanks for the laugh.' I didn't remember sending her a joke, but then she explained I had written "I'll provide pizza, you byob." She had read it, "I'll provide pizza, you boob!"

One person emailed me suggesting we watch a movie, so I put out the call for people to bring dvd's of their choice.

Anyway now I had to spend Saturday cleaning, it seems the only time I really clean is when I have people over!!

So about 20 people showed up. I ordered 3 extra large pizzas, that wasn't really enough, I only got one slice, but that meant I could eat LOTS of dessert! And my guests brought huge amounts of desserts. Beatriz brought ice, Munny brought peanuts and Al brought chips. Mona brought bread and a great red pepper spread. Manal brought popcorn for the movie, Henrieta brought chocolate cake, Richard brought blueberry pie, Georgia brought apple pie, Alice brought keylime pie, someone else brought chocolate peacan caramel coffee cake, and Mark brought chocolate birthday cake. I didn't know it was Mark's birthday, so this was a bonus. Of course I put candles on the cake and we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Mark had also brought a bottle of champagne to toast his special day. So it was kind of a surprise party, a surprise to me!

At one point someone knocked on my door. It was someone visiting my neighbour who had cut her hand and needed a bandaid. Jeez what some people will do to crash a party!

So we all had a great time, and ended up not having time to watch any movies.

People left a few at a time, but a handful stayed until shortly after midnight.

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