Friday, August 04, 2006

Michigan Pictures day 2

So the following day we shopped all
morning, but took a break to find a Krispie Kreme doughnut shop. We had found coupons in the motel to buy a dozen get a dozen for .99, so who could pass up that offer?

They had this amazing van outside in the parking lot. I took loads of pictures of it, because I think it looked very cool!

Here is Sandra buying hers. She was attending a big barbeque at her Dad's house later that day, so this was going to be her contribution for it.

Then it was time to find a post office so that we, (the Canadians) could buy ourselves some American stamps for future swaps. I ended up with lots of one dollar coins in my change that I donated to PST for the prize vault. Who knew there was an American $1 coin?

Outside the post office were these signs protecting newly painted lines on the road. It was just begging for a picture to be taken! Both Keitha and I posed.

Along the highway there were signs saying that if a worker was killed or hurt while working there was a $7500 fine and 15 years in prison. I asked Sandra if the same went for these cute little workmen signs! Posted by Picasa

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