Monday, July 23, 2007

Picnic by the Lake

I was invited by Sharon to her backyard for a picnic with other friends on Sunday afternoon. I made 2 pasta salad dishes as my contribution, then sat on the streetcar for the long and peaceful ride to Etobicoke.

I was first to arrive and met friends as the came in. We sat and talked and drank and later got into the food. There was potato salad, a shrimp and orzo salad, boiled eggs, olives, cold cuts, egg salad sandwiches, lettuce, carrots, and chicken fingers. For dessert there were strawberries and cherries along with a chocolate dip.

I went down to the beach just below Sharon's back yard and took a few photos. The geese were very friendly and came righ up to me for their pictures to be taken. I did get a little worried when the swans came up, but I was ready to run at a moments notice.

I found a park and took some great cityscape pictures of Toronto.

Later, Sharon told us of an amazing garden in the neighourhood, so we followed her to check it out. It was further than we knew, and when we got there, I was a little disappointed!

There was however, a public swimming pool nearby and I was distracted by the kids in the cool water. I discovered an area just off the pool that had a misting station. Of course I had to try it out. Thinking I would just get a little misting I walked through, but came out the other side totally drenched! I did it a second time for a photo opportunity! Only then did I remember that I had on white pants! It was so hot however, that I dried off pretty quickly. We returned back to Sharon's place, and I said my goodbyes and headed home.

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