Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I just got back from my trip to England and Spain. It was a welcomed break and spending 5 days in Spain was fabulous. Here is a fruit market in Barcelona. My sister bought some cherries here, while I ate a falafel. She later got some chicken from KFC of all places!! We spent our days sitting on the beach, our evenings walking around Salou discovering all the little shops and sites, and we spent one day in Barcelona. Our hotel was clean and the service was okay. The staff were friendly, although the guy on reception was a tiny bit sarcastic! But our bar tenders Shawn and Said made up for any shortfalls!! The chef needs a few lessons on taste though. The food was aweful, but I guess when you get a cheap holiday, something has to suffer! The beaches were sandy and clean, the water clear and cool. The weather was hot, hot, hot! I came upon this red umbrella that save my skin from further damage. The men still wear Speedo's in Salou, and the women ALL wear bikinis, even the morbidly obese ones! Can you believe that Prince William was holidaying at our hotel too? No? Well just look at this picture!! His brother Prince Harry was there too, but I wasn't able to capture him on film, but ask my sister, she'll tell you!!

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