Monday, July 23, 2007

Niagara Falls

I went to Niagara Falls on Thursday with my friend Beatriz. We have been together once before with Safeway Tours here in Toronto. The first time you go you pay $30 on the bus, and when you get to the casino they give you a $10 certificate. You have to get yourself a casino card and then you can cash in the certificate. So actually my first trip only cost $20.

For each following visit to Niagara Falls with Safeway Tours you pay $15 and get the $10 back. So it works out to $5 to go to Niagara Falls. How cheap is that?

It's great to get out of the city and it's actually cheaper that a subway trip anywhere in Toronto and back.

We arrived and ate lunch at Tim Horton's in the casino mall. Following that we went down to the falls and decided that we'd go on the Maid of the Mist. I've always been a little afraid to try it, but this time I had no trepidation. We were given blue rain ponchos to protect us from the spray. When we got closer, I put my hood on, only to discover that the thing had ripped and the hole was as big as my head. Hence, no head covering. I tried to take pictures, but it is hard when there is so much spray. Later I realized that I had a couple of drops of water on my lens so the pictures are a bit blurred.

We left the boat and went for a walk to get ice cream. The
Queen Victoria Park along the lake is quite beautiful and we strolled along enjoying the quiet and serenity. Last time we were there, there was a motorcycle event of some sort. Hundreds of bike rode by for at least 15 minutes. We couldn't get across the road! Today was quiet and calm. I saw a little squirrel and got him to come close enough to get his picture.
The sun was too hot, and we took refuge in the cool air conditioned
casino where I lost my $10 immediately! Beatriz however kept winning. She put in $5 and walked away with $15. The she play this big wheel thing, putting $2 down and walked away with $7. Imagine if she had bet big bucks!

The rain began to fall heavily as we sat having a tea before getting back on the bus. The journey home was about 2 hours due to some traffic, but a good day with a great friend was had.

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