Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am at a loss as to some people's actions.  I work in a school, where we are supposed to be examples for the children we work for.  Today I experienced something quite unbelievable and incredibly unprofessional. 

I have been sick with the 'flu for about a week now, with a wicked sore throat, fever and sneezing as well as feeling totally exhausted. 

When I picked up my mail at home today there was a brown envelope, addressed to me, without a return address.  When I opened it I found 4 pages of information on hypochondria.  There were a few paragraphs high lighted.  The high lighted sentences were about depression, how people thought they had something wrong with them, when there is nothing wrong with them, about how they bring it on to themselves.  Someone from my school sent this to me, because no one else knows that I have been sick, other than my doctor.  She would not send me information from Wikipedia, and would not send it anonymously. 

We have all heard about cyber bullying but this is another sort of bullying.  I find it incredible that someone that I work with would get such pleasure out of sending this to me.  Do they think they are trying to be helpful?  No.  Do they think they are offering me advice?  No.  It is sheer meanness, harassment, attempt at intimidation, and an attempt to push me over the edge.

I was shocked when I got this, but the gloves are off, and although I can't prove who sent this to me, (because they have chosen to be cowardly in not taking responsibility for it), I will have the last say.  I plan on taking this to the superintendent, and the board of education and show that my human rights have been attacked.  So be ready, whoever you are, because I don't allow ANYONE to attack me in such a way.

And remember, what goes around, comes around.


Kathy Carr said...

That's awful Mary! I was just sick for 8 days . . . I stayed home so I didn't infect rest of the workplace! What's the matter with some people???

the veggie paparazzo said...

My sister had a similar hate-mail experience when she was getting married; someone basically sent her something anonymously saying she was a bad bride. As you said, it served no functional purpose, merely upset her until she realized she had to let it go.