Monday, April 05, 2010

Limp Fish

My last date was one I have had too often.  I was contacted through an online dating site by Jim who said I was pretty.  I checked out his profile and saw a man that looked older than his years, and his profile description showed me he was a man who liked an even keel, with little to no excitement to offer.  But he contacted me and I want to try to see through any invitations that I get.

He had suggested we go to the Distillery District for tea, so I agreed.  I met him at the market, then we walked over to Toronto's first pedestrian only village.  On meeting him, I offered Jim a handshake only to receive a very limp hand that made me want wipe my hand on my jacket!  Doesn't EVERYONE know that a firm handshake is the desirable method of a first greeting?

From Wikipedia:
"It is considered to be in poor taste to show dominance with too strong a handshake; conversely, too weak a handshake (sometimes referred to as a "limp fish" or "dead fish" handshake) is also considered unseemly due to people perceiving it as a sign of weakness. Because a first impression can last a lifetime, the handshake is actually very important when meeting people for the first time and a weak handshake can instantly make people form negative opinions of you"

I found another article on 'Manly' handshakes here.  Quite funny actually.

So we talked on the walk over and my impression of him didn't change.  We sat in the coffee shop sipping our tea chatting about this and that, and still my impression didn't change.  He told me that he could not stand hearing people swear, (and my first thought was, "WTF?").  He told me he loved to eat cheese.  He told me that he was an accountant, (but I had figured that out already!)

After 30 minutes or so I left to use the ladies room, and on return I remained standing and suggested we leave.  He insisted on walking me home, where the conversation remained bland.  A block before my building I said goodbye and he wanted to offer me his business card, but he couldn't find one.  Just as well really.

I wish I knew the secret of finding a good guy to date.  Or even just a guy who has interesting things to say, or perhaps just a good firm handshake.

The search continues........

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