Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Luck

Having made the decision to go out with guys who contact me through the dating websites that I am a member of, I accepted a date with Donald.  His profile said he likes the active life, and mentioned he was trying to get a business up and running.  Also on the subject of "Do you like to drink?" he had responded, "Prefer not to say"  I felt this was a little suspicious, so my first email to him asked him about it and I mentioned that I was allergic to alcohol (in case he was an alcoholic and was looking for a drinking buddy!)  He replied that he too had an allergy.

I suggested a coffee shop not too far from me, and while I was waiting for him I saw a friend who I met through Couchsurfing and started chatting to him.  A few minutes later I felt a man staring at me, saw it was him and introduced Donald to Dave.  I walked to the counter to order my tea, and asked Donald if he was getting something, to which he replied, "no, I've already had my tea."  I paid for my tea, and while I was putting milk in it I suggested that Donald find us a seat.  (I was a little surprised that he didn't offer to pay for my tea).

I noticed immediately he was uncomfortable making eye contact.  I understand that nerves get the best of us sometimes, but I need a confident man in my life, not someone who embarrasses easily.  I started with easy conversation to put him at ease, and that seemed to help.

We talked a little about the things he was interested in and it sounded like he no longer participated in them.  His family is a bit fractured by divorce and he doesn't see his kids much and most of his interests were their interests.

He told me a lot about his kids, his ex, his dog, his motorbike, his therapist, his cat, and little about what he does for a living.  I got the impression that he hasn't had a job in 2 years, and is having a hard time finding work.

I told him a little about my son, why I came to Canada, my work, my experiences of the dating scene, and this and that.

I was really hungry, so I said I needed to go home and eat.  We got up and he asked if he could walk me, and I politely declined the offer.  At the corner I said that it was nice meeting him and I wished us both good luck on our search.  He had a genuine stunned look on his face.  It made me feel a little uncomfortable, but I was surprised that he thought we had any chemistry.

I walked home looking forward to eating something, but once I got home the fire alarm in my building went off and I smelled smoke.  The garbage chute was on fire again, this was probably the 4th time its happened.  So by the time the fire was out and the fire fighters left I was starving!

The alarm went off again later on, so I left the building to meet some friends at a nearby pub to talk about the problems we have dating!

This morning I got an email from Donald who said the he guessed Good Luck meant I had found something in him I didn't like.  I responded saying it wasn't something I didn't like, just no chemistry.  He wrote back saying he didn't think that chemistry could be developed or felt in a coffee shop. I wont respond any further, as I don't want to continue any relationship with him.

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