Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Update

I was just looking at my January 1st blog, and I had to laugh.  All good intentions!  But I have had just about no success on any of the points.

I saw the surgeon last Wednesday 3 months post surgery, and he was not happy.  In fact he had a little rant about the physiotherapists not doing the best for me.  When he found out that I was not paying, but was having it through OHIP, (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), he said that if I was paying privately he was sure they would be doing a better job!  So I went back and told that to the physiotherapist, (who was not very happy, obviously) and then I was subject to a very painful session.  I guess that is how it will go from now on, but hopefully that will mean I will progress further than before.  The surgeon said he has patients just 6 weeks post surgery who are much further along than me.

As for my body image, it continues to get worse.  I renewed my gym subscription, with all good intentions, but due to the pain in my shoulder and a bout of the 'flu, I haven't had the energy or the lung capacity to go and work out.  Hopefully beginning in February I can change this.

Expanding my group of friends has actually gone backwards.  In the winter months I just feel like staying home and staying warm!  I haven't been to any events other than my own Board Games Night which is in my building!  I know that once spring shows up that this will change.

Same goes for my love life.  I had just commented to my friend Kat, who is a Relationship Coach, that I just have no desire to date in the winter.  I'm not sure if that is typical of singles in Canada, but again I never have a good body image during those months and I hate all the clothes I have to wear to stay warm!

My relationship with my family is about the same.  I got rid of my land line so now I won't be phoning them as much.  I did hook both my brother and sister up on Skype and we even had a conference call.  It was pretty cool.  Now if only they would log on to Skype on the weekends we can chat more often.  In the process of getting rid of my land line, I gave up that number.  My son is so sentimental that he didn't want to lose the number we have always had, so he took it on.  If anyone calls for me they will get him, and he'll pass on my new number.

I have scrapped maybe 3 times this month, so no change there either.  I just bought a cool new cartridge for my Cricut machine, and cut out some lovey retro looking kitchen stuff.  Go check it out at Scrapped. That is another blog I have.

As for flossing, I didn't have a dentist appointment this month, or ate anything that got caught in my teeth, so I figure that I flossed a total of about 5 times this month.  I know, I KNOW, gross!  I never have been a big flosser, I have very healthy teeth, and so I just don't see the need!

So here comes February, lets see what I can accomplish this month.

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