Monday, January 31, 2011

Snack program project

I have a plan in mind for a Snack Money BLITZ for my school.   The plan for the snack blitz is a huge poster that will hopefully encourage our parents to come up with about $900 in donations to help pay for their kid's snacks.  I am very hopeful, as this is an inner city school, and many of our parents are unemployed.  I want to put some photos of the snacks on the poster as well as some quotes from the kids on their favourite snacks, and then some information on the cost per snack per child.  We have about 180 kids, and if everyone could donate $5 then we should reach the goal.

On my other blog SCRAPPED, I posted a few images that I cut out on my Cricut.  Along with these and some photos of the snacks, I think I should be able to catch the interest of the parents.

Here are a couples of photos of the snacks.

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