Monday, May 23, 2011

Communication, thanks to Skype

I am very grateful that Skype exists.

I gave up my landline at the beginning of the year, in favour of an android smart phone from Wind.  With this I don't need an internet provider, as I can tether my phone to my computer.  So the savings are big.  My biggest concern was that I needed a way to stay in touch with my family overseas.  I decided that Skype was sufficient because most of my family members are online.  I also call my dad, who is not online, through Skype too. It is ridiculously cheap and the quality is fantastic.  I can have my weekly chat with him for my usual 30 minutes, and pay only a few cents.

The best thing though, is that my sister got a laptop for Christmas and finally got hooked up online.  So we have Skype chats where I can see her and she can see me.  I love that.  My brother who also lives in the UK, Skypes me once in a while too. I am looking into being able to conference, but it looks like we have to pay for that service.

My sister, Lorna, always brightens up my day.  She has a wicked sense of humour, and is my best friend.  Funny really, when you think we hated each other growing up!  She is a lot like my mum, but would have hated hearing this when she was younger! I love her very much, as she has been the primary person in taking care of my dad for the past 7 years.  She does the things that no one really wants to do, and usually without complaint, unless warranted.

So thank you Skype for making possible the connection that I still have with my family.

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