Thursday, May 05, 2011

Grey days of April/May

I am happy that the sun is out this morning, it brightens up my day.  But there really hasn't been too much sunshine in the last couple of months, not to mention the winter blahs.

And with temperature fluctuations comes the cold and 'flu season, again!  I am certain we won't see anymore snow for at least 6 or 7 months, but the days can be windy and cold during the month of May.

I have had a sore throat since the middle of March, which then turned into a cough on Good Friday in April.  The doctor initially gave me a nasal spray for the sore throat, then new asthma inhalers for the cough.  I had asked if perhaps a chest x-ray was necessary, but was told it was just asthma.  I had asked if antibiotics might help, again, I was told it was asthma.  On returning to the Dr. again yesterday, May, I was told it wasn't asthma it was pneumonia. So finally I am hoping the antibiotics will clear up the chest infection, and I will be able to walk and talk without becoming breathless and coughing.

I think we all know our own bodies best, and it sometimes becomes frustrating when a doctor won't listen.  I knew in April that it was a chest infection, since I've had bronchitis on a number of occasions.  If I had been given either an x-ray or the antibiotics, then I would have recovered and not have to take further sick days off work.  I understand that doctors don't like to hand out medication, especially antibiotics, too often, but I and not a pill popper, and I am not visiting the doctors office continuously, so I feel that they should listen to me.

So wish me well, and thanks for allowing the little rant!

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