Sunday, December 27, 2009

Garrison Creek Gang

I used to work at a daycare centre called Garrison Creek.  Some of the women I work with still stay in touch with me.  Some of us decided to meet up last night for dinner.  We ate at my favourite restaurant, (in fact I've eaten there 3 times this week!) The Hot House.  The actually serve gluten-free pasta and pizza. 

When I walked in I saw Susy first.  She had a lot to tell me because even though we are in contact through Facebook, I hadn't seen her in about 10 years.  She told me of her dissolving relationship with her husband and some major crap in her life.  But she looked amazing and is out giving her 2nd life a good work out!

Then Debbie and Louisa came in.  I had seen Debbie at my birthday party and Louisa in the summer.  We sat and talked and talked, to the point that the waitress told us to wave her over when we were ready to order!  The food was good, the company amazing and the mood happy.

We left the restaurant and went on to The Bier Markt and bar close to my apartment.  Since we were early we had no problems getting a seat and a table were all the action would be later in the evening.  The place got crowded after the Toronto Maple Leafs game ended, (they lost).  Some of us drank and some of us didn't but we all had a really good time regardless.  Susy fell down some steps from the table, I'm sure the beer she had was safe though!  We left sometime after midnight. 

It's always reassuring that when you get together with friends that you seldom see, you still hold that bond and it's like time melts away.

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