Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday fun

Well I am way behind on my annual newsletter that I send out to family and friends, perhaps I can work on that this afternoon.

School ended on Friday December 18, and the holiday began.  I made a few plans, but most of them were canceled.  I was planning on working out more often, but my back problems have limited me somewhat.  I was going to go for a back massage, but my masseuse canceled as she was sick.  I was going to have lunch with 2 friends, but one was sick so we canceled until next week.

However, I did manage to host 3 couchsurfers who are going to University in Washington State, 2 from Japan and 1 from Poland.  Lovely women who spent 3 days in Toronto.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner together their last night here.

I also got in a Dr.s appointment and got a couple of prescriptions.

I have managed to get to the gym once this past week, even though it should have been more often. 

On Christmas Eve I got my hair done and am a little unsure of the results.  I usually get high lights and I decided to try just colouring all of it.  I think it's a big mistake, but I'll give it a few days to get used to and if I still am not happy with it I will change it.

I got 2 phone calls on Christmas day.  One from my son in South Korea and one from my dad in England.  Thomas chose this coat for his Christmas present from me.

My very good friend Beatriz came over for dinner in the evening of Christmas day and I served a vegetarian shepherds pie with salad and focaccia bread.  Beatriz brought a fruit tray along for dessert and we added a few chocolates with it.

Today I have planned to meet 3 friends that I worked with over 12 years ago, to have dinner with and then perhaps a comedy show.

I am hoping to go to Ikea on Sunday to have a look around, perhaps spend some money.

I have plans on Monday to get fitted for new orthotics, get to the gym and work out with my trainer, and go to get that massage I missed last week.

On Tuesday I will be hanging out with my friend Keitha showing her my new Cricut machine and the Sure Cuts A Lot program my son gave me for Christmas, and perhaps hitting some craft stores to see if there are any deals.

I will also be hanging out with a couple of teacher friends some time this coming week.

Only a week left of my holidays and I have a few other things I'd like to get done, like some scrapbooking and cleaning up.  I also want to spend some time just relaxing and reading and drinking tea!

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