Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shopping Road Trip

Every once in a while my fellow scrapbooker Keitha invites me along to a shopping road trip to purchase scrapbooking supplies.  On Tuesday December 29 she picked me up in front of my building at about 9:45am.  We headed west and our first stop was Michaels at the Dixie Value Mall.  I was very excited because I had seen the flyer and they had Cricut cartridges on sale and I was ready to buy at least two, perhaps more.  Unfortunately when I saw them I was confused as to why they were priced at $119.95.  I was told by the sales associate that the sale ended the day before.  CRUSHED!  I managed to spend $18 on this and that, thanks to a 50% off one item coupon I found online.

We drove further west looking for Angela's Craft Centre at 37 King St in Dundas.  Somehow we ended up in Stoney Creek at the same address!  So on our way to the correct address we stopped off at The Memory Keeper in Hamilton on 1119 Fennell Av.  I had seen them at the CreativFestival earlier in the year, and had even ordered a Scorpal from their website.  When we got to the store, I was really impressed.  There was a class going on in the back and I felt as though I wanted to sit down and join in.  The store itself carried lots of current and new items including the Hero Art's stamps.  We spent a long time here.  I picked up a deep cut blade and housing for my Cricut at a great price.  They had some great page kits that I picked up and I added a few more Copic markers to my collection.  Their Cuttlebug folders were really inexpensive and I picked up the Diamond Plate.

We were getting hungry at this time and stopped off at Tim Horton's for lunch.  I was successful in getting them to make an egg salad sandwich on my gluten-free bread, unlike the Tim Horton's in Toronto.

We received  better directions to Angela's and eventually arrived there!  This store has some amazing cards on display and taking photos of them is encouraged.  I bought myself a light box, because I usually use a battery operated touch light under a clear plastic shoebox.  I also picked up a couple of packages of clear acrylic stamps.

From Angela's we headed to Forever Scrapbooks in Burlington.  As we entered we were told that everything in the store was 20% off.  I only found an acrylic block for a new stamp, but Keitha had more luck than me.

Finally we decided to drop off at another Michaels in Oakville.  I picked up some Stickles, 2 packs of card stock and an amazing box from storing photos in but I'll use for other storage.

We headed back to Toronto and arrived at my apartment at about 7pm.  A great day hanging out with a friend who enjoys shopping for scrapbook stuff as much as I do!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love, Infatuation or Stalking?

A recent date I had was with a man I met on Plenty of Fish. He looked pretty good on his profile picture, even for a 53 year old man! We agreed to meet at the coffee shop, Balzac’s in the Distillery District on a Sunday. I arrived to see him standing outside the shop. He seemed like a good guy who really did look like the picture on his profile. I found a place to sit and the date began.

He liked to talk a lot about himself. He was an editor of videos as well as some sort of musician. He had been recently separated from his 2nd wife. He had a couple of kids who were amazing. He told me of his 2nd wife, that they met in September and were married by November. The warning bells should have sounded at this point, but I was enjoying the company of an interesting man, (I thought). We spent some time walking around the area looking in shops and galleries. He then walked me home and we made plans to meet again the following weekend. We also exchanged numbers. I thought that this could potentially be the beginning of a good friendship and perhaps more. We had spent perhaps 2 1/2 hours together.

Later that night I sent him a text to let him know I enjoyed meeting him that day. The next day he called while I was working at school and when I checked my phone, I text him and told him I couldn’t have him calling while I was working in the classroom or on the playground. He texted me right back even though I was still working. He ended up calling or texting 3 times that Monday. The following day he did the same, he either texted or called me 3 times. After the 2nd call I had told him I was extremely tired and was going to bed early because I thought I was coming down with something. An hour later he called me again, “just to hear your voice”. I was so tired and he had called after knowing I was going to bed. The next day, Wednesday I decided to take off work because I had a fever and was feeling pretty awful I knew that I’d have to turn off my phone because I suspected he would keep calling if he knew I was not working. At the end of the day I turned the phone on and alas, there were 3 messages from him! I sent him an email explaining how this was too much for me, having only spent just over 2 hours together. I was feeling overwhelmed by these calls and I asked him not to contact me again until we met later on the weekend. He emailed me and agreed, saying that he was only doing that because he liked me so much.

We met up near my place and we drove to High Park where he wanted to eat. I had already eaten and so I just had tea. The whole time he talked about himself, his kids, his job, his band, him, him, him. I was pretty bored around this time. But I had to give him the benefit of doubt, to ensure I wasn’t mistaken. I should have gone with my gut instinct, and I should have listened better while he was telling me that he met and married his 2nd wife within 2 months! We went for a walk in High Park. The weather was very cold, and so we cut it short and we drove around trying to decide what to do. I suggested he take me to the Magic Oven, a favourite restaurant of mine, so that I could eat. Whilst at the restaurant he continued to dominate the conversation with talk of himself. I made my decision then and there that I was not interested in this man. He drove me home and that was the last I saw of him.

Garrison Creek Gang

I used to work at a daycare centre called Garrison Creek.  Some of the women I work with still stay in touch with me.  Some of us decided to meet up last night for dinner.  We ate at my favourite restaurant, (in fact I've eaten there 3 times this week!) The Hot House.  The actually serve gluten-free pasta and pizza. 

When I walked in I saw Susy first.  She had a lot to tell me because even though we are in contact through Facebook, I hadn't seen her in about 10 years.  She told me of her dissolving relationship with her husband and some major crap in her life.  But she looked amazing and is out giving her 2nd life a good work out!

Then Debbie and Louisa came in.  I had seen Debbie at my birthday party and Louisa in the summer.  We sat and talked and talked, to the point that the waitress told us to wave her over when we were ready to order!  The food was good, the company amazing and the mood happy.

We left the restaurant and went on to The Bier Markt and bar close to my apartment.  Since we were early we had no problems getting a seat and a table were all the action would be later in the evening.  The place got crowded after the Toronto Maple Leafs game ended, (they lost).  Some of us drank and some of us didn't but we all had a really good time regardless.  Susy fell down some steps from the table, I'm sure the beer she had was safe though!  We left sometime after midnight. 

It's always reassuring that when you get together with friends that you seldom see, you still hold that bond and it's like time melts away.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday fun

Well I am way behind on my annual newsletter that I send out to family and friends, perhaps I can work on that this afternoon.

School ended on Friday December 18, and the holiday began.  I made a few plans, but most of them were canceled.  I was planning on working out more often, but my back problems have limited me somewhat.  I was going to go for a back massage, but my masseuse canceled as she was sick.  I was going to have lunch with 2 friends, but one was sick so we canceled until next week.

However, I did manage to host 3 couchsurfers who are going to University in Washington State, 2 from Japan and 1 from Poland.  Lovely women who spent 3 days in Toronto.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner together their last night here.

I also got in a Dr.s appointment and got a couple of prescriptions.

I have managed to get to the gym once this past week, even though it should have been more often. 

On Christmas Eve I got my hair done and am a little unsure of the results.  I usually get high lights and I decided to try just colouring all of it.  I think it's a big mistake, but I'll give it a few days to get used to and if I still am not happy with it I will change it.

I got 2 phone calls on Christmas day.  One from my son in South Korea and one from my dad in England.  Thomas chose this coat for his Christmas present from me.

My very good friend Beatriz came over for dinner in the evening of Christmas day and I served a vegetarian shepherds pie with salad and focaccia bread.  Beatriz brought a fruit tray along for dessert and we added a few chocolates with it.

Today I have planned to meet 3 friends that I worked with over 12 years ago, to have dinner with and then perhaps a comedy show.

I am hoping to go to Ikea on Sunday to have a look around, perhaps spend some money.

I have plans on Monday to get fitted for new orthotics, get to the gym and work out with my trainer, and go to get that massage I missed last week.

On Tuesday I will be hanging out with my friend Keitha showing her my new Cricut machine and the Sure Cuts A Lot program my son gave me for Christmas, and perhaps hitting some craft stores to see if there are any deals.

I will also be hanging out with a couple of teacher friends some time this coming week.

Only a week left of my holidays and I have a few other things I'd like to get done, like some scrapbooking and cleaning up.  I also want to spend some time just relaxing and reading and drinking tea!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party

My first Christmas party was spent with Maria and Mehmet, whom I only see a few times a year.

Maria is George's sister.  She survive breast cancer, and is on the mend.

 Her daughter Meggie was there, and her boyfriend, as well as Tanya another family member.

I got a ride with other friends of Maria's as they now live too far away to take the TTC.  Tom and Carrie picked me up from the subway and also brought me back to the city.

Maria's home is absolutely beautiful, however in a few months they will be moving into a smaller home not far from where they live now.  Their neighbourhood was filled with homes that went all out on decorations for the holiday.  Lights everywhere.

When it came to the food, it was the first time I've ever been somewhere to eat where I didn't have to worry about what was in the food.  Maria is also sensitive to wheat and is vegetarian!  So I ate to my heart's content.

It was great to catch up, with my 'sister' and to meet new people.  We even did some Greek dancing!

Thanks again Maria for sharing the holidays with me in your home.  It means a lot.